K, so I've been playing with ways to make my vanilla marshmallow extra-special. They've just lived ever so slightly too close to "traditional" for me. Enter: toasted sugar. Extra floofy and with an unexpeted warmth that makes these vanilla marshmallows anything but "vanilla."


Personal note: If I were making these for no one but me, I'd call them "Nanny's Merginue Marshmallows." I took the first bite and immediately began searching for the memory the flavor was tied to. Back, back, back, bingo, it all came rushing back. The smell of my grandparents' house: something like wet stone, slow cooking, and sugar. The sound and sway of an old-fashioned metronome, guiding my fingers through Heart & Soul, impsing rhythm upon sheet music I pretended to understand. Getting in trouble for pulling the merginue topping off Nanny's Meringue Squares - chocolate chip blondies billowing with soft, oven-toasted merginue. These marshmallows taste. Just. Like. That. Merginue. Wowie. Feelings, you know?

Toasty Vanilla Marshmallows

  • Sugar, golden syrup, gelatin, vanilla, salt, corn starch

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