******Ths item is not officially released yet! Your order today is a reservation/pre-order. A very limited run of this item will be available beginning in November***


I'm way too excited to be partnering up with my favorite Vermont chocolate company - a family of Swiss-trained, master chocolatiers, making the very best chocolate I've had in America - to give you everything you need for the thing Vermonters know best: cozy winter indulgence.

Featuring your choice of marshmallows and...


NuChocolat's perfectly luxurious hot cocoa mix. Melt these pure chocolate shavings into your choice of hot milk or coffee, and enjoy a delicious, rich, soothing chocolate experience. It's pure Colombian chocolate with nothing else added for the richest, cleanest chocolate flavor.


Very limited quantities available!

The Vermont Cocoa & Marshmallow Kit

Marshmallow Flavor
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