Fulfillment times are longer than usual at this time of year. Our commitment is to fulfill all orders placed after November 1st with plenty of time to arrive for Christmas. 


Start your day off with a little more magic! If you know, you know. If you don't, now's the perfect time to hop on the coffee & marshmallow bandwagon. Game. Changer.


I'm way too excited to be partnering up with my favorite Vermont coffee company -  Brio Coffeeworks, a Vermont woman-owned operation sourcing exceptional coffees that clearly express the unique conditions and care under which they were grown, and roasting lightly to bring forward the sweet, vibrant and complex flavors inherent in the beans. My favorite? This rich and sweet whole-bean Colombia el Arrayan, with notes of dark chocolate and orange. Perfectly paired with your choice of marshmallow. 


The Coffee & Marshmallow Set