Last chance this year to snag these seasonal flavors for the year! Includes Strawberry Rose and Passionfruit Coconut marshmallow bags. One is sweet and sensuous, the other is bold and dangerous. Available while supplies last.


Strawberry Rose

Made with real strawberries, so they taste like real strawberries. I'm not usually a fan of rose, but when I was pondering how to lead strawberry into an even more romantic-feeling realm, I started to wonder what would happen with rose if I was holding the reigns. The answer? Magic. (Also ugh, they're just so pretty.)


Passionfruit Coconut

Unf. So unexpected. So bold. A little tart. A little sweet. A little texture. Nuanced and full of surprise (and, full disclosure, my personal favorite marshmallow of all time). 

The Seasonal Box

  • 2 bags of 10, 1.25" x 1.25" marshmallows

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