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Share s'more love, make s'more memories, with s'mores like none you've ever had before. My indulgent and scrupulously curated S'mores Kit is the perfect way to make the most of summer. 


Includes your choice of marshmallows, luxurious & nostalgic Maracaibo Milk Chocolate from NuChocolat, and our gluten-free-but-you'd-never-know-it waffled graham crackers. Makes 8 next-level s'mores (with 2 extra marshmallows for toasting).


While I love marshmallows in any iteration, I believe from the bottom of my heart that marshmallows are meant to be toasted. Unlike the storebought kind, over an open flame our marshmallows crisp up like creme brulee - the inside gets custardy, the outside gets shattery. Magic.


Summertime S'mores Kit

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