You know what's a wonderul gift to give yourself? Not making decisions. This box takes all the guess work out of holiday gift buying. Guaranteed to surprise and delight, the holiday box is a super cute assortment of our limited time winter flavors. All ready to pop into hot cocoa and hot toddies by the fireplace while the snow seems to fall in slow motion, or you can snag my family tradition: toasting marshmallows on forks over the stovetop. 


Toasty Vanilla: This mallow is made with toasted sugar, adding an unexpected, holiday-as-heck warmth.

Buttered Rum: My new personal fav! They start off with a strong and reliably "rummy" kick, and end on the silkiest, most luxurious buttery note.

Gingerbread: The goal was for these to be confusing. Yep, confusing. "Is marshmallow, but, tastes like cookie?!"  

Peppermint: So, if you know me, you know I recoil at even the smell of anything minty. But, I ran these by a whole cohort of chefs and they confirmed: they taste like "if a candy cane were a marshmallow." I do it for the people.

Holiday Flavors Box

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